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Insurance needs for cosmetic nursing

What Insurance Do Cosmetic Nurses Need?

Running a business as a Cosmetic Nurse involves understanding the industry and your key risks to have the appropriate insurance coverage to protect you if the time comes that you need it.

Your insurance needs will vary based on several factors, in

Anti-wrinkle injections stopped working

Why don’t my anti-wrinkle treatments last?

Australians are said to spend an estimated $350 million on anti-wrinkle injections annually.

In the hands of a Juv’ae Cosmetic Nurse, anti-wrinkle treatments are an undetectable and relatively painless way to turn back years off a

Lip filler

How Many Mls of Lip Filler Do I Need?

Lip filler treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic injectable procedures. It delivers instant and lasting results and can be used on lips and around the mouth to increase volume and hydrate the lips giving a more youthful appearance.