Kaitlin Hartwell

Kaitlin Hartwell

Kaitlin Hartwell – Cosmetic Nurse

Kaitlin is a Registered Nurse currently working in the Intensive Care Unit and with previous experience in the Perioperative Unit. She started her career as a Beauty Therapist, where she worked in large reputable skin clinics and found a passion in making people feel confident in their skin, and it was from here that she knew that Cosmetic Injectables is what she wanted to strive towards.

Kaitlin believes its important to have an aesthetic eye when it comes to treating each uniquely beautiful face, and just as important to have in depth knowledge of the facial anatomy to ensure the highest quality of patient care and safety.

Aiming to take a less is more approach to any injectables treatment, Kaitlin is honest, genuine and a perfectionist when it comes to providing services to her patients.

Nursing Registration: NMW0002466915