Lara & Rachel

Lara & Rachel Rayson

Lara & Rachel – Cosmetic Nurse

Meet Lara and Rach, proud co-owners of Skin Haven Aesthetics. This dynamic duo are best friends, sisters-in-law and have almost 30 years of combined nursing and midwifery experience. After years of talking about it, they are finally realising their dream of working together and have started their own business in the wonderful world of cosmetic nursing.

Lara commenced her nursing career in 2007, initially working in mental health nursing. She currently works as a Clinical Midwife Specialist in a busy Melbourne hospital where she has been a nurse/midwife for the past ten years.

Rach has been a nurse since 2009. She has a background in surgical nursing specialising in head and neck cancer. She currently works as head and neck Nurse Consultant.

Lara and Rach both have a passion for helping others. They are excited to work with their clients to help people feel more confident in their own skin. Their highest priority is to provide safe care and keep up to date with the latest skills and knowledge ensuring they can deliver high quality results.

Nursing Registrations:
Lara: NMW0001112494
Rachel: NMW0001096327