Sheri-lee Knoop

Sheri-Lee – Cosmetic Nurse

Sheri-lee is an Aesthetic Registered Nurse with her own business, Cosmetic Images, in Perth, Western Australia. She specialises in all aspects of Cosmetic Medicine and counsels patients on surgical options also.

She began her career in Operating theatre and evolved to the non-surgical arena where she found her passion for Cosmetic Injectables in Harley Street, London in the early 1990s.

Many companies have subcontracted Sheri-lee to train both doctors and nurses in many varied aspects of Cosmetic Medicine both nationally and internationally over the last 20 plus years.

Sheri-lee has participated in various advisory boards over the years and is currently helping with AMAC, AMI Masters training for Allergan and Aesthetics 2020.

She is well respected in the Cosmetic Medical, Plastic Surgical and Beauty Therapy industries. Sheri-lee chooses products that are proven, predictable and trustworthy. The products she chooses provide patient-driven results.

Cosmetic Images has gone from strength to strength over the last 19 years to become one of Perth’s premium, professional clinics.  The team there focus on trialling cutting edge treatments to establish the best protocols and patient outcomes.

Sheri-lee has a keen interest in all things new and interesting in Cosmetic Medicine but consolidating options for her patients and planning their individualised anti-ageing journey using the Total Face approach is her passion and priority.